World Tour Decor | Vermont, USA

Oct 25, 2016

Fall is seriously my favourite time of year. The bright changing colors of the leaves, the crisp breezes, tasty, warm beverages, and pumpkin everything really help me feel excited and extra warm and fuzzy inside. Curling up and relaxing next to a fire with a good book is one of my favourite fall activities; and what better place to do this than in an 1850's restored Victorian home located in the picturesque tree-covered Vermont hillside.

Today's world tour decor features this beautiful 3 bedroom farmhouse style home is available to rent on airbnb for $309 per night and is conveniently located near hiking trails, rivers, galleries and antique shops all in the small town of Chester, VT. Ready to pack your bags yet? Wait till you see inside!

This house was so lovingly and beautifully restored. All the details, from the ceiling tiles to the school house style light fixture lends to the timeless period of the home.
This sitting room is the perfect spot to unwind after a day spent hiking the nearby trails. I'm a sucker for city escapes and countryside sanctuaries and this place is pulling at every heartstring.
Carefully curated mix furniture and refinished floor boards add a warm and inviting touch, while the simple decor lets the detailed restoration of the home speak for itself.This place seems so magical - I've officially added a visit to Vermont in the fall to my bucket list.  Now I'm off to make a pumpkin loaf and sip some chai tea!

All photos courtesy of: Amare Guesthouse

Hello again & the master bedroom reveal!

Sep 29, 2016

Hi there! It's been quite a while since my last post. With the short summer season we get in Newfoundland I decided to take the summer off and enjoy every moment of the warm weather and long sunny days. It was a blissful summer & I hope you had wonderful one as well. As the temperatures have started to cool and the days get shorter I'm once again drawn to the well known feeling of excitement that I get when I'm fascinated with getting focused and creative in home decor and DIY projects.

Although I did take time off from blogging over the past several months, that didn't including taking time off from completing ongoing and new projects around our home and garden, and I can't wait to share them with you here.

It's been a long time coming so I'm thrilled to finally share our master bedroom makeover with you today. The master bedroom reno first started last fall when we started to create the new ensuite and master bedroom by combining two existing bedrooms. When we first moved in, the current master bedroom looked like this...

The new room is much more our style; with a Scandinavian, minimalist feel, consisting of a rustic headboard, and simple decor; it ties in perfectly with the rest of the home. Take a look...

Both the black dresser (shown above) and black leather chair (shown below) are vintage pieces passed onto us from our families. I really value having sentimental decor and both these items also serve a functional purpose for us. 

The ladder was a DIY project I completed several years ago. This was a ladder from an old bunk bed set which I then whitewashed to give it that worn vintage look.

This DIY headboard is by far one of my favourite projects. I've put together the full step by step instructions for the pallet headboard here. 

During the reno we debated creating a walk-in closet in the master bedroom as we knew the existing closet (shown above) simply wouldn't be enough storage for two people. Instead, we opted to install a full wall of Ikea Pax wardrobes and created this entertainment center in the previous closet space. We painted the interior of the closet Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter to match the bedroom doors.

We still have a few loose ends to tie up in this space; I'd like to install a new ceiling light and there's also a few feet of crown moulding to go up. Overall, it's such a great feeling to have created this peaceful and calming sanctuary for our master bedroom. It's usually a room that for most people, gets neglected. If you're in this position, I would highly recommend taking the time you need to make it the space you desire. By making the change, you'll be creating positivity when you start and finish your day which for me, has resulted in a better state of mind for my entire day!

Bedroom Sources

  • Nightstands - Ikea
  • Sheets- Ikea
  • Deer above bed - Home Sense
  • Mannequin - Home Sense
  • Tassel wall hanging - Target
  • Frames - Wal-Mart
  • Curtains - SAM Design

My Decorating Secret & A Dining Room Refresh

May 25, 2016

It's been a while since I posted some general updates from around our home (besides, of course, the sunroom reveal for the One Room Challenge), so I thought I would share some photos showing how our dining room currently looks. I'm also going to share my decorating secret with you. I hadn't intentionally planned to reveal this trick today, but once I started explaining about the dining room updates, it just sort of came out....!

For sometime I haven't been completely satisfied with the dining room decor. To me it was feeling unfinished and uninspired, an extremely frustrating feeling! I knew the decor needed something extra, but I wasn't completely sure what that was.

If you've been reading along on this blog you'll know that I commonly find myself in this situation. So, when I finally got focused and decided it was time to pull this room together I took to Pinterest to start curating a collection of images which inspired my vision and sparked my inspiration.

A quick glance at my Pinterest board and I'm sure you'll agree that the dining rooms I've pinned are absolutely stunning - glamorous, effortless & chic.

But the everyday reality is that my dining room makeover is not going to receive quite the sophisticated, magazine ready makeover. My trick to decorating within my own abilities and budget, is that I cheat.

Yes....I mean fake it 'til you make it.

The key is to incorporate elements of the look and feel that you so strongly desire, in a manner that works for your home & budget. 

For example, I really love white, Scandinavian inspired spaces which lean more towards modern decor than traditional. My dining room table & hutch set was passed down to me from my parents and is definitely more traditional. It's not in my budget to purchase a new set, and the traditional style does go well with the older aspects of my home. 

So, to achieve my desired look I incorporate the modern elements that work for me, including painting the walls using contrasting black and white and adding in chic decor, like the lamp and deer head.

I also like a space that is whimsical and relaxed so to downplay the formality of the dining room, I added some fun art (created by my lovely here!) and a cute bar area which is more in tune with my decor style. 

To further achieve my desired look and feel I incorporated textures through the rustic inspired antler light fixture and a faux-fur sheepskin rug.

So bottom line - you don't need a gigantic budget and all new furnishings and decor to achieve the home decor look and style that you desire.

 Just be clever and include a few cheat items to help portray the overall image of a great room that looks good to you and that you love! As always, have fun and I would love to hear from you about how you make this work in your home.