One Room Challenge | Main Bathroom Makeover | Week 4

Apr 28, 2017

We've had the most progress this week, with contractors in everyday since Monday, the plumbing and electrical will be finished by the end of today!  I don't want to jinx it but so far we've had no surprises and everything is going as planned. In my experience that's normally not the case, so we'll see what next week brings.

As you can see, there's really not a lot to look at in the bathroom at the moment. The biggest change for us is seeing the entire space opened up. It's much bigger than the original layout with room to spare. (see full plan details which we shared last week here)

Moving on from the unappealing reno photos, we can now take a look at the final choices for some of the materials and decor. I still have to pick out and purchase the finishing touch details, which I'll be working on over the next little while in preparation for the reveal - just 2 weeks away!
Sources: Light // Mirror // Vanity // Tile // Door 

Both the light fixture and vanity have been purchased. I'm still looking for the mirror but I envision one similar to the one above. I wanted to keep the lighting and mirror sleek and contemporary to contrast with the more traditional looking vanity.

The tile pattern will be slightly different than the one above but the tile itself is the same. The tile wall feature is one of my favourite aspects of the bathroom, I can't wait to see it come together. 

We'll be using a french door we have on hand for the barn door closure. I'm going to DIY the stain and frosted windows on the weekend so it will be all ready to hang next week.

Here's the latest on the shiplap...since purchasing the tile I've been debating our initial plan to whitewash the shiplap. I really want the tile accent wall to POP and I'm a little worried that if we whitewash the shiplap it will all blend in together and not at all be the feature I want it to be. So, I've been toying with the idea of either painting all the shiplap grey OR just doing the shiplap on the same wall as the tile in grey. Perhaps something similar to the photos below...

Well, that's it for this weeks' update! I have a busy weekend ahead prepping the shiplap and sourcing the remaining accessories and decor. 

Just a reminder to make time to check out all of the other participants' projects on Linda's blog, Calling It Home.

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One Room Challenge | Main Bathroom Reno

Apr 23, 2017

Hello again :) Although I've had tons of projects to share, a new blog post is seriously overdue! To be honest, I haven't quite felt motivated for the last little while - which could be a result of the never ending winter weather we are experiencing.

It wasn't until I realized that our upcoming bathroom reno would coincide with my favourite online interior design challenge, One Room Challenge, that I felt the excitement, push and desire to get started on my blog again with another fun reno project.

The One Room Challenge is a hosted event where interior professionals, non-professionals and bloggers alike exercise their skills and talent over the allotted 6 weeks, tackling one renovation project and sharing the progress week to week along the way.

You can follow along on all the projects and their weekly updates on Linda's blog, Calling It Home. There are always so many incredible projects and hundreds of great ideas. It's amazing to see the creative, clever and at times very innovative projects and transformations!

You can also check out my projects from previous One Room Challenge's including our guest bedroom reno and our sunroom makeover.

This time around we are tackling the second floor main bathroom. Since I've missed weeks one and two, I'm going to cram the "before "photos and inspiration board all into this post.

Here's a very basic look at the present layout:

The Plan

We'll remove the wall opening up the exisiting bath into the former master bath and linen closet to create a larger bathroom. 
  • The shower, presently located on the left wall of the exisiting bath, will remain as is. 
  • The vanity will be set up on the back wall centered between two windows (not shown), one of which is in the existing bath, the other in the former master bath.
  • There will be an accent tile wall, the rest of the walls will be done in whitewashed shiplap.
  • Colors will be neutral and calming
  • The existing sheet of vinyl flooring will be ripped up and replaced with porcelain tile.
  • Pot lights installed and new vanity lighting.
  • Plus a few potential surprises along the way!
Phew! Although not as big of a project as our master bedroom reno, it still seems like a big undertaking with lots to do! This time around, instead of doing the work ourselves with help from family and friends, we're hiring a contractor to do the full job, which we hope will be a huge benefit in many ways, including time line and craftsmanship. 

The Inspiration

Up until last week I hadn't fully decided on the specific design details, outside of the general layout. While browsing Pinterest I came across this photo which I loved, and has since become the jumping off point for the key features of the design; including the tiled accent wall.

There's still a lot to determine in terms of materials, accessories and decor, but I'm feeling confident about the overall design. The contractor is coming again early this week to take a final look before he gets started - hopefully by mid to late this week. And then the fun begins - watching it all come together!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to continue to check in each week as the reno progresses. I'm excited about our personal reno and the One Room Challenge; good luck to everyone and as always I look forward to the updates, images, and challenges along the way

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A look back at 2016

Jan 11, 2017

Hi & welcome to 2017! I hope you had a relaxing, fun and happy holiday break. I certainly did, enjoying lots of coffee & baileys curled up by the fire watching movies while the pretty snow fell outside. As I'm a bit of a winter romantic, Mother Nature really pulled through and gave me the white Christmas of my dreams.

Having savoured every minute of downtime over the break, I'm feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world - or maybe just my next home decorating project. Either way, I'm feeling motivated and excited as I look forward to the year ahead.

For my first post of the New Year I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the highlights of 2016, before sharing my plans for 2017.

1. Home & Cabin Tour

I think you can probably guess what my top blog event for 2016 was. Yes, it was absolutely my home tour feature with Home & Cabin Magazine! I am still so surprised and thrilled that our home was photographed and displayed in their winter edition; it was definitely a design dream come true.
Photo Credit: Tobias Romaniuk, Home & Cabin

2. Master Bathroom Reveal

Back in January we revealed our master bathroom makeover. To date, the completion of this project has been my favourite accomplishment to date in our home, and also the biggest undertaking. We completed most of this project on our own, with the wonderful help of family & friends. There was no shortage of bumps in the road, but once it was all said and done, the space was exactly as we had envisioned it; the delays, mishaps and mix-ups were all worth it.

3. One Room Challenge: The Sunroom

Participating in the One Room Challenge is always a highlight for me. For those of you not familiar, the One Room Challenge is a 6 week design challenge hosted by Calling It Home. Designers, aspiring designers, bloggers and everyday design enthusiasts, commit to making over one room in 6 weeks, sharing updates and progress as we go.

For the challenge this past Spring, I completed the makeover of our sunroom. With more windows than walls, it's a bit of an awkward space to design and furnish. I used a mixture of patterns and textures to pull together a room that was bright and airy but also cozy and comforting. I can't wait to take part in the next challenge.

2016 was certainly a great year with many highlights. As we continue to renovate and remodel our home, I'm excited to share with you some new changes in 2017. Thank you for tagging along with us on this journey, I wish you a happy and inspiring 2017 and I would love to hear more from you this year! Feel free to get in touch via e-mail or on social media, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook.