Mason Jar Herb Garden

Aug 27, 2014

I love cooking with fresh herbs, especially my favourites, basil, sage and rosemary.  I like having mint around too especially in the summer, there's so many tasty beverages to be made...lemonade & mint, mint, cucumber & water...Mojito anyone?).

Although I'd really like to grow herbs from seed in my garden, that hasn't happened yet (hopefully next season!), so in the meantime, these store bought ones will do just fine.

For supplies you will need:

  • Mason jars (enough for the plans you have and maybe some extra, if you have larger plants it's better to separate them so they don't smother)
  • Rocks/stones to help with drainage
  • Herbs of your preferance
  • Potting soil. (optional: Miracle Gro)


The steps are easy. Just add the stones to the bottom of your jar, I think two or three layers should be lots. Add your potting mix and dampen the potting mix with a small amount of Miracle Gro mixed with water. Next insert your herb. If it seems like your plant is squat, remove some excess soil from around the roots. Pat down soil and give it a good watering then you're all done!

Mmmmm delicious mint :)

If you want to preserve your fresh herbs longer, check out this post from The Kitchn for Three Ways to Preserve Fresh Herbs.

Or, if you're ready to try out your newly planted herbs in a tasty dish, I highly recommend this Chorizo Carbonara recipe from Jamie Oliver. It passes all my recipe requirements, tasty, easy and quick. 

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