New House "Before" Photos

Aug 31, 2014

*I know I promised a Breakfast Bars Recipe for yesterday but frankly, they didn't turn out good. Plus I think house photos are much more exciting!*

Last Friday our new house finally closed...and on schedule...yay!

We've been moving in and setting up non-stop since then and we are now FINALLY getting settled away, it's starting to feel livable, cozy and like home.

Our list of criteria to purchase was pretty specific and to be honest, I didn't think we were going to be able to find it in the current market. But the cards were in our favour and we did!

I, of course, wanted a place that I could add my personal touch to and customize without all the hassle of a new build. Tear down some walls here, add a bathroom there, change all the cosmetic stuff like paint colours, light fixtures, appliances etc. We (my other half and I) were both pretty adamant about the part of town we wanted to live in, having a backyard or deck for entertaining and of course, it had to be within our budget.

After only 2 weeks of looking we found The One.

Although just what I wanted, The One has a fair amount of work that needs to be done.

Here are some before photos for your entertainment.
3rd Bedroom

The carpet! The wallpaper! Those curtains!
Main Bath


A sunroom?! Definitely was not on the list but I'm taking it! It's the perfect breakfast spot.

Master Half Bath

Master Bedroom

I have big big plans for this place!
Master Bedroom

Upstairs Hallway

2nd Bedroom 
4th Bedroom 

Stairs leading to main floor

Dining Room

Living Room

Living Room

I know you can see the potential; behind the floral curtains and dated paint colours there is endless possibility. I left out photos of the kitchen and entry way and the basement, so I'll add those a little later. I already have tons of ideas in mind and have been collecting inspiration for weeks. I'll be sharing ideas room by room in the next few weeks.

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