Rainy Day Pick Me Ups

Aug 29, 2014

It's been raining here for what feels like close to a month. That's an exaggeration though because July was all sun sun sun and heat heat heat but because I've that, I'm so unaccustomed to the rain, wind and fog that it's really putting a damper on my Friday mood. And it's even a friday leading to a long weekend!

So here's a few things from the web that's helping to put a smile on my face today (the weather forecast for tomorrow is also helping, sunny and 22!).

Wishing I was hosting a lovely end of summer dinner party at this Greek retreat.
photo credit: Robert Keone

Sale = happiness always. Apartment Therapy has made a list of Furniture Deals on now at Big Box Stores.

A great way to start your long weekend, this Overnight French Toast looks so delicious.

And finally, how can all this sparkle not put a smile on your face?!

Happy Friday & Happy Labour Day Weekend!

I'll be sharing a recipe for healthy and tasty breakfast bars tomorrow. :)

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