Living Room Inspiration Board

Sep 10, 2014

I can't wait to start painting and furnishing the living room. At the moment we're using the small study as a living room and it's just not cutting it.

I'm pretty set on painting the room and moldings white which means I'll add colours in through curtains, pillows, rugs etc. 

Here's a mood board of how I'd like to see the room come together.

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Initially I was set on a white couch because I looooove all white everything, but after a few nightmares about red wine on my white couch, I decided that dark grey/charcoal would do the trick and will also contrast nicely against the soon to be white walls. I'm sure I could've found an attractive white couch with slipcovers but I also wanted to find something locally and on budget, so that narrowed down the options quite a bit.

I like the fun polka dot fabric for sofa cushions. I'll possibly do another set of cushions in an abstract or geometric pattern as well - the more pillows the better! The floral fabric is for the curtains. I'm picturing long, draping curtains with lots of fabric. I think most of the decor will be fairly modern so I the floral curtains will mix things up a bit.

I'm leaning towards a blue, white, gold and brown colour scheme as you can probably tell. Neutral but not boring. 

Now for my favorite part in making all this!

Happy Hump Day!

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