Welcome Fall with a DIY Fall Wreath

Sep 17, 2014

What better way to welcome fall then with a fall wreath? These are quick and easy to make. All you need is some fall decor supplies, a little imagination and a glue gun.

I did this project one evening with my girlfriend who brought her adorable little pups over for a craft date.  We actually reused two old wreaths and some dollar store supplies.

We just pulled off the scarecrow and leaves so we could start from scratch.

Here's the new and improved scarecrow! The leaves and other decor are just branches that we picked up from the Dollar Store and cut apart to apply them individually. They're a little easier to manage this way than on wire branches.

For the second wreath, I painted the letter H with a sponge brush and dollar store acrylic paint then used some jute string to tie it to the wreath. The small florets are really easy to make. Just take a strip of scrap fabric, roll it up and then glue glue glue. They're not supposed to look too perfect.

I love being greeted by a pretty fall wreath when I come home. Soon it'll be time to add a pumpkin. Until then, I think I'll add some fall decor inside the home and get some fall baking done...I've got rhubarb pie on my mind...yummmm :) 

How are you welcoming fall?

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