Friday's List: Career Advice from a Successful Entrepreneur

Oct 24, 2014

If you've been following along, you might have noticed that each Friday I post Friday's List. There are no requirements for what type of list I post - it can be anything from my 10 favourite recipes (that one's coming soon) to 5 items to add to your wardrobe for fall (check that post out here). I like having a consistent weekly feature and it also switches things up from my regular posts about decorating and our reno.
I had the opportunity this week to attend a mentor luncheon hosted by the St. John's Board of Trade. The event paired groups up with successful local business persons, who shared with us their most valuable lessons learned from their careers so far. I took away a lot from the luncheon and thought the advice was definitely something I had to share.

Whether you're a young entrepreneur, or just looking to get ahead in your career, these tips will get you going in the right direction.
When you are passionate - people are going to notice. Whether applying for loans or grants, meeting with banks or looking for a promotion, showcasing your passion let's others know that you're dedicated, committed and invested in your goal. If you have faith in your idea and your passion shows, then others will latch on to your ideas too.
Many times throughout one's career, we are told no, not now, not possible. Instead of accepting these responses as defeat,  we should instead be challenged to find a way to overcome the obstacles. As the old saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way. The mentor who spoke to us referenced several occasions when she was told "no", she welcomed the challenge that these responses gave her and went above and beyond to make her goals happen and in the end, this approach always paid off.
There are countless ways to give back and get involved throughout your professional career. Whether you choose to volunteer your time on a board, organize a charity event, or mentor other young professionals - find something that you can commit yourself to and reap the rewards. Not only will you be helping others, but you may also find that you yourself will learn new things, meet new people and be challenged (both professionally and personally).
It's understandable that taking risks can be intimidating. Especially when you've put all of your finances, time and efforts into your venture, taking a big risk might seem like the furthest thing from a good idea. But when I asked my mentor what she would do differently if she could start her career over again, she said she would take more risks and not hold back. If you feel something in your gut, go for it. If you don't succeed, then you learn.

Now get out there & be fearless!

Happy Friday :)

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