Friday's List: It's Halloween Decor!

Oct 17, 2014

Halloween is definitely my favourite holiday and occasion next to Christmas and my birthday. Costumes, candy, spooky movies and fall...what's not to love?

I also love any excuse to decorate, here's my Halloween fireplace mantle decor from last year.

Pretty basic but it was cozy and festive. I added some extra items this year and am still working on a few other additions that I'll finalize over the weekend.

The plastic pumpkins are the same ones I picked up at the dollar store several years and continue to use. I picked up some pinecones on my hike last weekend to fill the tall candle holder with. I filled a large mason jar with gold decorative stone, threw in a tea light and added some jute string to create more ambiance and add another candle to the mix.

Whether you're looking for spooky or stylish, here's 5 ideas to inspire your Halloween Decorating projects. We're supposed to be getting bad weather this weekend - the perfect time for arts and crafts!
Eerie Outdoor Decor

Candy & Branches Display

Hanging Ghosts

Pretty Painted Pumpkins

Woodsy Bat Mobile

Have fun decorating! 

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