Home Office Reveal & Living Room Update

Oct 16, 2014

The living room continues to get updates and is now looking better than ever. Over the long weekend we hung up some wall decor, added a storage chest to act as a coffee table, and moved a storage bench from the laundry room into the living room in front of the large front window. I would be lying if I said that this whole storage bench relocation was not for the sole purpose of our cat....it was. Penelope loves looking out the window and the  window ledges just aren't big enough for her.

Not to worry - we are fully patriotic Canadians, but Nick has a strong interest in American history and the flag matches the living room decor...it's no more than that. Of course there'll be a Newfoundland flag hung in the house as well - just not sure where yet.
I set up my office area at the other end of the living room. The room is long enough to allow for both a sitting area and a working space. Here's the before:
And here's the after! 
I love being set up in front of the window. There's a view into the garden and lots of natural light. I plan to add some shelves soon for extra storage and not shown in the photos is an old media console/cabinet which I'm using as storage for files, papers, and writing materials. Lots of storage is a must!

My desk chair   was a DIY project. I primed and painted an old dining chair and recovered the chair cushion with new fabric. I'm not a huge fan of the desk, maybe I'll paint it. But it does the job for now and matches the rest of the stained wood furniture we have in the room. 

This typography art which hangs next to my desk, was also sort of a DIY project. I had my eye on some beautiful prints at Chapters, but at close to $40 per print I had to reconsider. So I downloaded the free trial of photoshop, read a few online tutorials and created the prints. Then I printed off my prints at Staples and framed them with dollar store frames.  Love achieving my decor ideas with dollar store finds! 
I'm completely enjoying every aspect of this room now.

Check back tomorrow for Friday's List of easy Halloween decor.

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