Tips to Help You Redecorate on a Budget

Oct 8, 2014

I can't believe it's Wednesday already. The days, weeks and weekends are just flying by.

The great weather this past weekend kept us from getting a lot of inside reno things done (I hate being inside when it's nice out),  so instead - I added some fall/halloween decor to the front porch and worked on our fire pit which now just needs a fire.

So, although I don't have a house update today, I do have some tips to share about decorating with what you already have. 

Since most of our budget is allocated to bigger things like paint, flooring and labour, spending money on smaller items like pillows, candles and other accessories, is out of the question. But, by switching things up and mixing and matching what I already have, I can get a new fresh look without spending a dime. It's like shopping in your own home...for free! 

For the most part, our human nature does not encourage change. We, as humans, tend to get stuck in ruts and routines, unable to see outside of the box. In decorating, your home can suffer if you do not embrace change. I'm not talking major overhaul here, just some small changes here and there that will help you feel more comfortable in your home and help to give it a new look.

3 Tips to Help You Redecorate on a Budget!
Tip #1: Use Paint!

Paint is such an easy way to give things new life. In the mood for a new lamp but purchasing a new one is not an option? Well purchase a can of spray paint instead! Spray paint cans usually cost around $6-$10 depending on the brand and quality you buy, and although you may need two cans for two lamps, this cost is still a lot less than buying brand new lamps. And no need to stop at lamps, the possibilities are endless...vases, figurines, small furniture, chandeliers, etc!

These lamps are from my last house. They were handed down by my Mom and as you can see, featured a purple spotted glass ball. I used silver spray paint to cover the purple dots and match the ball to the rest of the lamp base. With the addition of a new lampshade, the old hand-me-down lamp was transformed into something I could use with my existing decor.
Apologize for the poor picture quality! 

Tip #2: Move It Around

Just because your decorative pillows have always lived on the couch in your den, doesn't mean that's where they have it stay. Moving things around from room to room in your home is a small way to make a big impact. Do the same with all your decor - lamps, furniture, curtains, pictures and art.

Tip #3: Layer

I've only recently grasped the idea of layering items in my home, and I'm still working at figuring out what looks best together and how, but if you're eager to switch things up in your decor, try layering some items that you normally wouldn't consider putting together. For instance, layer a picture in front of a leaning mirror on a table or mantelpiece. Stack books and then layer a glass bowl or candle on top. Add a cozy rug and a pillow on top of a chair. Layer a smaller rug on top of a larger one. And the list goes on.
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And there you have it. Give these a go and let me know how you do. I'm putting the finishing touches on my home office space using these tips myself - will share soon.

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