Oh Deer! - DIY Canvas Art Tutorial

Nov 3, 2014

Hello hello - sorry about the day late post. I should never commit to posting on the weekend because they simply get away from me. Between working on house projects and trying to still have a life, two days goes by pretty quickly. Speaking of time flying by quickly...it's the first week of November already! Christmas posts will be abound before you know it :)

Today's project is bordering Christmassy and could even become more festive by adding some silver dots or stripes or even lights, but since I want to leave it up year round I'm keeping it fairly neutral.

DIY Canvas Art Tutorial

For this project you will need a canvas (choose whichever size you like), paint, paint brushes and a pencil.

I google'd around until I found a deer head shape that I liked and then proceeded to start sketching it on the canvas in pencil. I am really not a painter or have any drawing skills, so if you're like me and are a little intimated by sketching, just give it a go.  You can easily erase any mistakes and after a few tries I think you'll find a version that you're happy with.  

Trace out your final pencil lines in a sharpie so that when you paint on the background colour, it will still show through. Just paint on one light coat for now. Then repeat this step 2-3 times until your canvas is fully covered in your background colour. The colour I chose for my canvas was Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore, I had some extra left over from a sample we purchased.
Now you can start filling in your deer head with gold paint. 
And once it's all dry, it will look something like this. 

One more coat would really fill it in, but I kind of like the look of the different shades of gold and might just leave it as is.

Happy creating!

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  1. Looks awesome! Another fun variation would be to paint the deer in with paint and then cover it with glitter!