DIY Christmas Sharpie Canvas Art

Dec 4, 2014

I've seen so many cute Christmas canvas art ideas on Pinterest, that I decided to create one myself.

I made this one using gold and silver Sharpie markers. I opted to keep it fairly neutral since the rest of my Christmas decor is full of color and patterns.

I don't trust my free hand writing, so I used this really genius method (thanks Pinterest!). Print out your wording using the sizing and font that you want to have on your canvas. Shade over the words on the back of the paper then place the paper onto the canvas, printed side facing you, and trace over the words with your pencil. Voila! You'll get a very light outline of your text on the canvas.

(Sorry about the poor photos! I did this last night at 11pm and finding good lighting was impossible!)

Then, just fill in the text with your markers.

I added some gold dots to two of the corners and that was it! Fun & festive canvas art in just 15-20 mins. I think it would look cute hung up with ribbon or with Christmas lights shining through the canvas like here.

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