Half Bath, Laundry Room & Entryway Reveal

Dec 20, 2014

Just in time for the holidays, we finished our temporary fixes for the half bath, laundry room and the main entryway. These spaces will be getting a bigger overhaul down the road, but for now some new paint and light fixtures did the trick. Once again, I'm amazed at the impact a few coats of new paint can have. The new look is light, airy and refreshing...everything I love!

And now for the transformation!


In the Spring, we're planning to create an open concept look by removing the wall at the back of the entryway to open the space up to the kitchen and dining room. We'll also be removing the red carpet on the stairs. The new paint colour is one of my favourites, Wickham Grey by Benjamin Moore. It's really brightened up that whole space, which doesn't have a ton of natural light.
When we replaced the ceiling light I wanted something a little glamorous, to grab your attention as soon as you walked in the front door. Since our ceilings are quite low, I couldn't get anything too elaborate, but I think this one from Home Hardware does the trick.

Half Bath After

All we did in the half bath was apply new paint, but what a difference it made! Down the road, we're hoping to replace the sink, toilet and light fixtures and replace the flooring.

Laundry Room After

For me, the laundry room transformation has had the biggest impact. I've been dreaming about this since we moved in, and even shared some inspiration photos for the laundry room here. The old laundry room felt dirty and dated and above all else, the yellow paint EVERYWHERE was just too much to bear.  We removed the excess cabinetry which really opened the space up. I'm still hoping to make a few more changes, but overall, the new space is a major improvement. We had to plaster in quite a few places as there was some damage where we removed the cabinetry and evidence of an old leak that hadn't been repaired. Then, after several coats of primer and paint, we were left with this...

You may be wondering whats behind the curtain. Well that's where Penny's litter is kept. She can easily find her way in there and the curtain does a surprisingly good job of keeping odors under control. The chest initially had 3 drawers. I removed two, used a scrap piece of wood to lay across the opening at the bottom and used a tension rod to set up the curtain. Kittle litter easily hidden and no one is ever the wiser :)

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