Entryway Makeover Round Two

Jan 26, 2015

As of late, I've been feeling a little discontent with our entryway. You may recall that I revealed the first entryway makeover back before Christmas (which you can see in full here). At that time, I covered the bench seat with some black fabric and switched out the pillow, but the fabric was just laid there and the pillow belonged in the living room, so it really wasn't a permanent fix. Since then the space hasn't received much focus.

I felt it was looking a little random and uncoordinated, and not in the creative, intentional way. As the first space you see when entering a home, the entryway is definitely deserving of a little attention.

I decided to tie the room together by recovering the bench seat and pillow in coordinating fabrics. Luckily I was able to choose from some fabric that I already had on hand, left over from other projects.

I first made the seat cushion for the bench when I purchased it over 2 years ago, so it was starting to look a little worn and limp. Once I removed the old fabric, I decided to add an extra layer of batting to smooth out and revitalize the cushioning.

**Instructions on how to make the seat cushion**
Have a piece of plywood cut to size, cover it in a thick foam cushion (I purchased mine from Fabricville) then use quilt batting to hold everything in place by wrapping the batting around the foam and stapling it to the back of the plywood.
Next I covered the seat cushion with the new fabric, pulled it tight, and stapled it to the back of the plywood.

Within 10 minutes I had a fresh and colourful new bench seat!
Lastly, for the bench makeover, I made the envelope style pillow slip cover (tutorial to come!).
I also decided to replace the green table by the door with a more suitable one that we had been using upstairs. (Upstairs is still in "before" mode so I didn't mind moving the green table up there).

And after those few changes, here's the result:
I'm happy to report that I feel much more satisfied with this space now. The red and brown colours throughout bring everything together, creating a coordinated and welcoming entrance to our home.

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