Simple Inspirations

Feb 13, 2015

Some Valentine's & love inspired images.

1. via // a cozy retreat for two? yes please. rustic always translates to comfort for me - plush leather seating, stone fireplaces, mood lighting and cozy textures. perfect for a valentine's day weekend getaway.

2. via // red, black and gold is such a timeless combination. as of late I'm especially liking gold accessories in home and in fashion

3. via // there anything more to say? step out of your comfort zone and try a new and scrumptious dessert for the chocolate lovers holiday.

4. via // black and white and love all over. this print is by a talented blogger from Toronto and is now on sale at Chapters. a "lovely" addition to a master bedroom

5. via // valentines is a great time to set technology aside and wrote a good old fashioned love letter; also by the same Toronto blogger. French, donuts, pastels and roses - just the perfect combination of inspiration to me.

6. via // beautiful colours and beautiful flowers. perhaps the ideal substitution for roses?

In a relationship or not, I hope you take some time to give (& receive) a little love this weekend.

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