Simple Inspirations

Feb 20, 2015

I can't believe it's Friday again, the weeks are just flying by - but I don't mind - I have a trip (or two!) coming up, and I'm so ready to take a break from this cold, wet and snowy weather!

Although we're not going far, Nick and I are going on a bit of a getaway this weekend, actually. We'll be out of the city, near the ocean, and most importantly, without wifi! So in preparation, I made a trip to the library earlier this week to stock up on my favourite crime novels (anything by Ian Rankin and Jo Nesbo) and some home decor mags, of course.  In addition to spending hours reading, I'm looking forward to whipping up a few tasty meals and lounging by the fire; what better way to spend a wintry February weekend?!

In the spirit of a winter weekend getaway, this week's Simple Inspirations is a little round up to reflect our weekend retreat. Even if you're spending the weekend at home, there's lots here to put you in a cozy & relaxed mood.
1. via // i'm going to try making this on saturday night. it's similar to apple crisp except better, because you bake it IN the apple. recipe is included in the link above. 

2. via // comfortable pyjamas are a must for weekends spent lounging. loving the look of tartan this winter, whether in clothing, like these pyjamas, or in pillows and blankets for your home. 

3. via // talk about a stylishly inviting reading nook. as always, i love the mix of vintage (the lounge chair frame) and modern (the sconces and graphic print pillows)...and white!

4. via // speaking of reading,  I just finished this book and in my opinion, it's really worth the read. it took my quite a while to get through, (not always a page turner), and at times was hard to read (after all, it's a true story based on a WW2 POW), but it's a really good story to remind us of the strengths that we have within ourselves. even when we are pushed far beyond what we think we are capable of handling, we can triumph over and survive. 

5. via // a beautiful modern copper lamp to add all the light you need to your reading nook (or bedroom or office). although copper's been trending for a while now, I'm not definitely not getting tired of it yet. if you're hesitant about adding copper to your home, try starting with something small (a copper mug perhaps?) to see how you like it before going all in. 

6. via // what's a cozy and relaxing winter weekend without hot chocolate? this recipe is dairy and sugar free (!). i'll be trying it out this weekend. 

Happy Relaxing!

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