DIY Painted Dresser & Dining Room Additions

Mar 11, 2015

As we hosted our friends & family at get togethers over the holidays, I realized that the dining room really needed a buffet; somewhere to lay dishes, extra drinks and act as a general storage unit for that space.  As a quick solution, we decided to try out an old dresser that we weren't using, and we were a little surprised to find that it actually worked perfectly! The drawers provided good storage and it was the right size for the space, but... it still looked like a dresser.  So once we finally got Christmas organized and put away, and clued up some other outstanding projects, I decided to give our dated dresser a makeover.

I'm so pleased with how this turned out! There's nothing that a little paint can't fix, especially when you have a piece of furniture that is otherwise in good working condition and has good bones (as this one does).

To achieve this look, I removed the hardware and spray painted them gold. I gave the dresser a light sanding and then applied a coat of Rona primer sealer undercoat (this comes in several different brands and is such a life saver when painting over pre-painted and varnished furniture) before applying several coats of the green paint.
I was a little nervous about adding a bold colour to this room as for the most part, it's very neutral with black, whites and creams. But I gave it some more thought and decided that a pop of colour was exactly what the space needed!

To tie the room together and incorporate our new colour, I picked up a beautiful  tablecloth from Target for the dining room table (it's perfect for Spring!),  hung the northern lights painting above the buffet, and added some orange to compliment the green through two candle holders and the Nate Berkus woven tapestry.

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