Simple Inspirations

Mar 13, 2015

I'm referring to today's Simple Inspirations as inspiring images that make my heart flutter. 

1. via // i've been obsessing over brass and navy in the kitchen for about a year now and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down. to me, this kitchen is visually perfect, herringbone patterned floor, a combination of navy and white cabinetry, beautiful brass accents and lots of natural light.

2. via // ladies...wouldn't you love to display your shoes on this stylish ladder shelf? and then be able to brag that you made the ladder yourself? i know i would! check out the tutorial in the link for instructions.

3. via // another diy - a cute bead clothes hanging rack. i'm all about pretty display storage and these options are great if you're short on closet space. go ahead and display your clothing or shoes stylishly in the hall, living or your bedrooms.

4. via // this photo is from a before/after post so be sure to check out the link to really appreciate the transformation that this space has seen. lovely sleek links, neutral colours and simple storage. i'm sure you've heard it before, but here it is again: sometimes, like in this photo, less is more. a conscious and collected design effort can produce stunning results.

5. via // this photo is from a flat in Sweden (a place close to my heart!). i love scandinavian design but sometimes it can feel a little cold to me. i think by incorporating the tan leather chair, the rug, and the warming light of the lamp, the designer successfully achieved a warming and cozy space. fans of gallery walls should take note of the unique gallery wall layout here, showing that it doesn't have to be a straight forward and centred compilation - try an irregular, out of the box arrangement!

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