Simple Inspirations

Mar 20, 2015

Another Friday is here already! As much as I love the progress towards Spring & Summer, there's a lot going on here at the house that I need to get a move on! Anyone else having trouble getting motivated when snow and sleet is coming down outside and cozying up on the couch to watch Netflix looks so enticing...?

Today's Simple Inspirations are taken from some of my most recent pins. Like to see more? Follow me along on Pinterest (a shameless request!)

1. via // double chocolate zucchini muffins, need i say more? i'm a big fan of healthy breakfast muffins this time of year. i like something hearty, filling and warm and fresh nutritious muffins absolutely fit the bill. i haven't made these yet but they're on my list for this weekend.

2. via // no matter where you are in life, words of wisdom like these rarely go astray.  a little reminder to get out there and take on the world in the best possible way, as YOU!

3. via // a list of Scandinavian trends about the take North America by storm (or so they say!). some are already pretty prominent, but feathers is one i haven't seen much of yet. i'm liking how delicate and fluttery this one looks. it will be fun project to incorporate feathers in my decor - perhaps an accent wall of a feather wall stencil?!

4. via // possibly the prettiest bathroom i ever did see. i think i could spend my days in here. love the mix of elegant gold with rustic white bead-board and cotton striped towels. i see a powder room makeover in my future.

5. via // still collecting inspiration for our master bedroom reno. there's lots about this bedroom that works for me: gold and copper accents, dark accent wall, upholstered headboard, and streamlined night stands. i can definitely see myself enjoying lazy weekend mornings in a room like this.

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