Spring Decor in the Living Room

Mar 30, 2015

You might recall that after Christmas I decided to leave a bit of greenery around the house as "Winter" decor. Having green boughs on the fireplace mantle added instant coziness to our living room and the rustic feel really went with the rest of our decor. But this weekend, I decided it was time to officially say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring!
This mantle decor is all about DIY. 

These colourful vases were made from glass canisters which were basically just collecting dust on our countertop. I emptied the contents then let the canisters soak in warm sudsy water to loosen up the labels for removal. Once I removed the labels and let the glasses dry, I used  some colourful tape from Target to create these fun & unique patterns on the vases. By no means an award winning DIY project, but it was fun experimenting with the tape and I was happy to repurpose the glass canisters as vases.
The painting is by a local artist and was one of our Christmas gifts.   I hadn't found the perfect home for it just yet so it hasn't been framed, but when Nick brought home this vintage wooden frame, we got an idea.  We used thumbtacks to tack the painting to the wall and then just laid the frame over it, having it lean against the wall and rest on the mantle. Voila! Picture frame problem easily solved.

I'm sure this arrangement will change another dozen or so times before I'm fully satisfied with it; but for now, it's nice to see some colour and playfulness added to this room.  Bring on the sunshine and let's hope it's an early Spring!

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