Sunroom Decor Inspiration

Mar 19, 2015

With Spring (hopefully) right around the corner, I'm eager to make some changes to our sunroom. I've never really had a need, or even a wish, to have a sunroom, but since it came with the house (!), I'd like to make it a relaxing and quiet space for reading, napping, or just sitting and thinking. It's situated directly off of the master, as in you have to walk through the master to access it, so I plan for it to be an exclusive and private extension of the master rather then a public room in the house. You might be wondering how a sunroom will be private and exclusive...well just wait and see!

This is the space we're working with:

Use tension rods between each window to hang sheer curtains over half of the window, leaving the top portion of the window open to let in lots of light.
Paint walls white. Create a white washed faux brick wall using faux brick paneling and painting it white on the back wall. I'd like to add floating shelves, like in the first photo, for books, plants and display.

Unfortunately, I don't have much of a green thumb. But I'm not ready to give up yet so I'll be adding some plants to the sunroom this Spring and holding my breath that the don't end up dying. 


Anyone have any tips or pointers for keeping house plants alive? I would love to hear them!

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