Simple Inspirations

Apr 10, 2015

The time has come again for our weekly instalment of Simple Inspirations. This week's round up showcases some unique ways to decorate your home through both fixtures and layout. I love doing things that are not necessarily on trend or are a little different and some of these concepts are definitely just that.
1. via // Install a recycled/reclaimed plank accent wall. This concept has been popular for some time and I still love the look of it however I'd choose to incorporate it with some modern accents rather than the full on rustic country theme.

2. via // This horizontal tongue and groove wainscoting adds a rustic feel to an otherwise glam bathroom. As you know, I love mixing contrasting elements and this look is totally inline with that.

3. via // Vertical wainscoting and painted stairs. It can be extremely pricey to replace a stairwell so work with what you have by giving it a coat of paint (especially if it's a temporary fix and you plan to replace the stairs down the road).

4. via // Fireplace mantles add so much to a room - a ledge to display your keepsakes, architectural detail and also a focal point for the room. No need to install a fireplace, just position a reclaimed (or new) mantle. Go for the monochromatic look or paint it a contrasting colour and you'll have an instant wow factor.

5. via // Allow natural light to flow and add instant character by using a reclaimed window as a room divider.

6. via //  Loving this alternative to cupboard pulls. I think this clean and modern look could easily be DIY'd with any existing cabinetry depending on the detail of the cabinet fronts.

7. via // Nope, this isn't wallpaper! It's a DIY'd stencil wall. Check out the link for the full details. I've also seen Sharpie markers used to create pattern for an accent wall. The options seem endless when you can use a Sharpie and a stencil rather than going through effort of hanging wallpaper to get a similar look.

Most of these ideas can be finished in a weekend. If you give any of them a try be sure to share how it turned out!

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