My Go-To Decorating Methods

Apr 8, 2015

As I've mentioned many times before, I very easily get tired of my home decor. Not so much the major things like large furnishings or paint colours, but smaller things like furniture layout or the placement of decorative accessories. I like to move things around and play with different layouts and styling to keep things feeling fresh and inspired.
There are a few go-to design methods that I find always give me the results I'm looking for. All you need is a few objects that you probably already have lying around and about 15 mins!

1. Add an Element of Surprise.

That's right, add a little something that will throw people off. Whenever you're room or space feels like it's "just so", I recommend adding in something totally out of the ordinary and unexpected. For instance, these skull shot glasses are definitely a little out of the ordinary for me, but since they're small and clear, they aren't overpowering or intrusive and they add a little whimsical detail to the mix. Your element of surprise could be anything from a small decorative item like mine,a throw pillow in a bold contrasting color, a piece of abstract or out of the box art.
2. Stack and Display

This is my absolute favorite method. I practice this basically wherever I have an awkward free space that just needs "a little something". To get this look stack 2 or 3 color coordinating books horizontally and then display a photo or a small plant or an accessory on top of it. It's that easy and it's instant "magazine worthy" styling.
3. Display it on a Tray

Trays are so versatile and they can easily make any table top or shelf look organized and stylish. Feel free to use whatever you have on hand and make it work within your space. The tray in our living room was handed down to me by my mother. It's probably not something I would've picked up myself as it's a tad more vintage than my regular taste - but, by stacking a few of my favourite home decor books on it, adding a trendy mason jar vase and a candle, the tray now fits right in with my decor and even adds a little of that surprise element that I mentioned in #1. 
4. Vignette It

In decorating, a vignette is a small grouping of objects that create a pleasing focal point and "tells a story". Vignettes can be used almost anywhere throughout your home. A popular place for vignettes is on a tall and narrow table in the entryway, like I have done here. I recently changed up this vignette and the new additions really help the objects to tell story. The main theme here is Newfoundland focused but I obviously had to toss in an owl object and this lamp was the perfect addition.  There really aren't any rules to creating a vignette however I would recommend a mixture of objects of different heights and textures to add dimension and keep your vignette interesting. 

5. Mix It Up

I've said before and I'm saying it again, mix up your decor! Ok, this may not be for everyone but it's my surefire way to add creativity, interest and intrigue into my decorating. By mixing it up I mean adding objects that speak to you, something that's close to you and something that's maybe a little out of the ordinary. To me, decorating isn't about having a matchy-matchy cookie cutter space, it's about creating a comfortable livable and inviting personal space. Here in our living room, I've included souvenirs from my Dad's trips to Labrador. Some might say that they don't really "go" with the decor vibe of the room, but they go with "me" and they are also great conversation pieces. Instead of boxing them up in storage or grouping them all together, I've mixed them in with my other decor. So keep your eyes peeled when you're out vintage shopping or browsing second hand stores, and unpack your box of travel souvenirs and put them on display!
As always, the most important thing with decorating is to have fun and not take it too seriously.

Check back in tomorrow for an update on our guest bedroom for the One Room Challenge. Read more about that here. 

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