Planning a Makeover: Master Bedroom & Ensuite

Apr 29, 2015

Recently I was able to help a friend with a decor dilemma in her master bedroom. She desperately wanted to transition the colours of the space from cream based to whiter, more cooler tones. So we set out to choose new colours for the walls, trim and doors, plus choose something alternative for the window coverings.

Picking paint colours, especially for someone else, is no easy feat! It's natural for people to view colours differently, especially if that person is not experienced with paint colours and viewing the undertones. We also had to consider the colours in the fireplace surround, the light fixture and the existing furniture, as none of these would change, plus, the additional natural light as a result of the many windows of this room.

After several trips to the paint shop, looking at design magazines and then through the process of elimination, we settled on the look that we were going for - a mix of French elegance and coastal charm. To achieve this look we choose a light pink colour called Ecru for the walls of the sleeping area, Ocean Air for the dressing room area and Chantilly Lace in a flat finish for the ceiling and  Chantilly Lace in pearl finish for the crown and trim - all colours are Benjamin Moore. The result is an up to date, elegant sanctuary that both occupants of this bedroom love & enjoy.

We wanted to scale back the window coverings and go with the bare minimum in order to allow the natural light to flow through and  to showcase the fabulous ocean view. We chose a roller shade from the Paint Shop in a light white colour (unfortunately, not being installed for another few weeks). The style of the shade is striped, with alternating solid and sheer stripes which can be "rolled" to either be all solid, or solid and sheer. Having these extra options was a great benefit to the homeowners. And again, we chose this style and colour to allow the main focus of the room to be the beautiful view and the coastal feeling.

This makeover is the first of many for this home as we continue to transition the colours from the previous cream and beige tones to newer and fresher white, cool and airy tones. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our progress!

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