Projects in Progress Update

Apr 27, 2015

Happy Monday everyone! It's the last week of April (already) and I'm happy to say that we got a lot accomplished this month. On that note -  I realized that my last recap on some of our ongoing projects was back in November (!), so today, I'm giving a  recent update on how everything is coming along. If you missed it, here's the first post on these projects where I outlined our list of things to do.

Spare room 1 is actually the room that I'm working on as part of the One Room Challenge. So for the past 4 weeks I've been providing updates on that room every Thursday. You can read the latest update here, and there are links in that post to the previous weeks' updates as well. There will be a major update on this room on Thursday; it's so exciting to finally see things come together.

As a reminder, here's how it looked when we moved in:

And here's where we are now (just a sneak peek because the big update will come on Thursday).

We also decided on the closet and bedroom doors. They are both this style, 2 panel square smooth, from Kent. (sorry for the blurry pic!)

Here's where we are on the list...not much left!

Spare Room 1:
Remove carpet
Remove baseboards
Remove wallpaper
Hang new wallpaper (this is in progress)
Lay hardwood flooring
Change light fixture
Install new baseboards
Install new bedroom door and closet doors
Add bed & decor
Install Closet Organizer

Spare room 2 is now going to be a spare room/dressing room for the time being. The plan is for Nick and I to move into these two rooms while our master is getting renovated and one closet really won't be enough for both of our things - so I've decided to take on the second bedroom as my dressing room :)

Here's how it looked when we moved in:

And here's how it looks at the moment.

I have light fixtures for both rooms; and installation will hopefully happen today or tomorrow.

Spare Room 2/Dressing Room:
Remove carpet
Remove baseboards
Plaster, prime and paint
Lay hardwood flooring
Change light fixture
Install new baseboards
Install new bedroom door and closet doors
Add bed
Install closet organizer.

When I look at the list for the front foyer, I see that it's really the temporary front foyer list as our final list will involve replacing the tiles and taking down some of the walls. But for now, this list is done!

As a refresher, here's how the foyer looked when we moved in:

And after completing the list, here's how it looks now.

Front Foyer:
Plaster, prime and paint (in progress)
Install new light fixture
Hang pictures
Add rugs, key hooks, shoe rack and sitting bench

And last but not least...the main stairs. In all honesty, this list hasn't changed; but there's good reasoning behind it - we decided to leave the carpet down in the upstairs hall and on the stairs until the master bedroom reno is complete. I'd rather that carpet get damaged than the new hardwoods!

Main Stairs:
Plaster, prime and paint (in progress)
Remove carpet
Paint risers and treads, install carpet runner
Relocate and install new light fixture
Add mirror

It's so rewarding and uplifting to see items getting crossed off of these lists! Will be sharing the reveal for both of the spare rooms in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

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