Simple Inspirations

Apr 3, 2015

Happy Easter Everyone!

I've got the travel bug (two trips coming up!), so today's Simple Inspirations is travel inspired. You could even say that we're going on a little trip of our own. These photos are of homes from around the world. I Hope you'll find some inspiration to bring a little worldy charm into your own decor.

1. via  //  This bright and airy dining room is from a loft in Brooklyn, NY. Pops of funky colour add a whimsical feel to this  space's neutral palette. I would love to add large doors like these to our dining room to open up to our back yard!

2. via  //  This home is located on the coast in Maine and is designed by a firm from the same US state. Whether you're overlooking a body of water or not, this inspiring outdoor space is so very cozy and inviting. I think that there's value in having a roof over your deck to block the wind and other elements from Mother Nature, especially here in Newfoundland. Our summers are short so enjoying them to the fullest is essential!

3. via  //  Loving this rustic bathroom from a home in Michigan. The bathroom vanity and mirror could easily be DIY'd but I'd definitely be inclined to add a little storage!

4. via  //  This photo takes us to a ranch style home in Texas (follow the link to get the full tour). The scenery of this property is alone is completely breathtaking, add in the rustic modern design of interior and you've got a dream worthy home. I love the combination of old and new in this room. Adding thrifted or vintage accents is one of my favourite ways to bring personality into a room. I also love the floating wall in the middle of the room to separate the sleeping from the sitting area. I've given this concept some thought for our own master bedroom renovation.

5. via  //  This Scandinavian inspired country home is located in Oxfordshire, UK.  To be honest, there's not really one thing in particular about this space that I love, but the whole space really stands out to me. The bright natural light, the white floors, the plants and the overall country cottage vibe. I would love to curl up and read on that bench.

6. via  // This simple modern kitchen is from a home in Vietnam. Although very understated - black and white never looked so good - especially with accents from nature incorporated as well. This kitchen could easily be replicated from scratch, or with a few DIY projects you could bring elements from this space, like the black island or tiled wall, into your own home. If you check out the link you'll get the full tour of this stunning home, which is entirely centred around nature.

7. via  //  Of course I had to include a photo of Sweden! (for those of you who don't know, I spent my last year of high school living in Sweden). There's so much I love about this space. DIYing those library shelves with the rolling ladder is a must. I would also love to have a wood fireplace! These style fireplaces are extremely popular in Swedish homes and apartments, as are white walls and neutral palettes. I'm heading back to Sweden this summer and will be sure to take lots of design inspired photos to share with you all.


  1. Love this concept - it's house snooping around the world in the prettiest of ways! Someone take me to that porch!! ❤

  2. Thank you! I agree, I can totally envision myself in each of these spaces.