Simple DIY Canvas Art

May 14, 2015

I'm currently working on the finishing touches to the second spare room. This will be my dressing  room while we're renovating the master bedroom, and although there will be a guest bed in there,  I'd like to make it a little girly and glamorous for the time being.

I did some Pinterest searching and came up with a few ideas for DIY canvas art. These two only took about 25 mins and very little work. They'd look great in a home office or girls room also. Of course you can switch them up using different colours and types of materials...whatever you'd like to suit your individual needs and personal preferances!


To replicate the ones that I've made, you'll need:
     - a hot glue gun
     - a circle sponge
     - black acrylic paint
     - pink tape
     - jute string
     - gold leaf marker


For the Glam Canvas Art, create the dots using your round sponge brush and black acrylic paint. Let this dry before applying your glue and jute. Once you're ready to start gluing, I used a pencil to lightly write out the word and then simply traced the letters a little at a time with the glue and then applied the jute string. You'll have to cut in some places, but just continue on as before.

For the Love Canvas - create the stripes on each side using the coloured tape. Again, I used a pencil to lightly write out the words, then traced over them using black paint for "do what you" and the gold leaf pen for "love".

I'm excited to hang these in the new room and finally start to see that space come together - even if just as a temporary dressing room for now. I have a little more painting to do this weekend on the closet doors, and  install the closet organizer, but after that, I'll be able to actually start moving some things in. It's exciting when the end is near!!

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