Spare Room Makeover: The Breakdown & My Favourites from the ORC

May 11, 2015

Believe it or not, I'm still recuperating from that super intense 6 week challenge. But as crazy as it was, it really helped me get that room finished, so I may or may not be setting another 6 week challenge for myself to get the second spare room done....although I'll admit it - I like deadlines.

Since the reveal post was so photo heavy and I didn't get to discuss the room a lot, I thought I would do a little breakdown for you today.

Originally, I had wanted for us to do this ourselves; but a key thing to remember in DIYing is that sometimes you can't do it all, or do it correctly. I think for the sake of my sanity, it was a good idea that we hired someone to get the floors and the mouldings installed. 

In terms of which color/finish to go with, we choose the closest match we could find to the existing hardwoods in the home because we aren't planning to replace those. 


The nightstands were another item that I had originally intended to DIY (and may still do so down the road), but due to time constraints, I started looking for something and found these which were fairly close to the look that I was going for: something a little more rustic to contrast with the fancy wall paper and Victorian style bed. I didn't want the room to feel too traditional or too formal so to avoid this I added in things like the zebra print, the night stands, and the modern style sconces.


And in case you were curious, here's some insight into various design decisions for the room.

Area Rug - opted not to have one because:

 - I like airiness of the bare hardwoods
 - I couldn't very well cover up my beautiful new floor!
 - In this size room, most of the rug would've been under the bed which defeats the purpose for me

Furniture - Minimal furniture is required in a spare room. Most quests will be able to fit what they have in the closet if they decide to unpack. The room feels a lot bigger, cleaner and tidier with just the bare essentials. I gave some thought to adding a storage bench or two small seating benches at the bottom of the bed but decided against covering the beautiful bed and floor details. I chose to offer some seating while also adding to the room ambiance but including the rocking chair.

Lighting - I love lamps and the calming effects they can create, and although I love the ceiling light in this room, adequate bedside lighting was important. These sconces are perfect - both eye-catching and functional - allowing for more nightstand space, there's additional room for books, candles and tea cups; and the moveable arm is perfect for bedtime reading. Unless you have a large nightstand that can accommodate a lamp base plus the rest of your nightstand items, I highly recommend sconces. 

And there you have it, a little backstory to how this room came together. 

All of the One Room Challenge participants did a fabulous job on their projects, it's seriously incredible how talented everyone is! Here's a preview of some of the stunning transformations - be sure to check out Calling It Home for all of the submissions for the One Room Challenge.

1 // Krista @ Petite Modern Life  designed a creative, modern, organized space for her craft/sewing room. Of course, I love the simplicity of her chosen colours: white, black and gold. But more than that, I love how organized and functional the space is. There's even a fold out sewing table that doubles as a chalk board! 

2 // Shannon @ Burlap & Lace took her living room from a complete blank canvas to a bright, fun and stylish space. I'm envious of the way she has pulled together so many colours and such a great mix of furniture pieces. Everything came together so perfectly! 

3 // The laundry room transformation at Lisa Canning 's blog is jaw dropping. Another organized, functional and stylish space, I would love to do my laundry there. The backsplash tile pattern is beautiful and I love how the otherwise modern space is contrasted with the rustic wooden shelf and pipe rack.

4 // Tera Janelle has really provided the wow factor with the transformation of her stunning kitchen, the before & after will definitely shock you. There's so much to love about the new kitchen: calming grey cabinets, beautiful backsplash tile, stylish and modern appliances and drawer pulls - it all comes together to beautifully! I would certainly enjoy cooking and dining in this space.

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