Bathroom Reno | Part 1

Jun 10, 2015

Well here it is, the first post all about our bathroom reno. And actually, it's more like a bathroom creation because we're building a new bathroom in an existing bedroom to create an en-suite. You can read more about the before and after layout plans here.

I stopped by a local wholesale supplier yesterday morning and needless to say, it was overwhelming. I've spent a lot of time browsing Pinterest and the web to figure out what styles and looks I like, so I thought I had a good handle on what exactly I wanted pricing on. But even when you have what you think is a specific idea of what you want, there are still several more options. For instance: fixture finishes, size of the shower (32", 36", 60"?), shower head and hand held shower head, or just one or the other, should the door slide to the right or left, should it slide at all, where should you save and where should you splurge...and the list goes on!

After some more thought and consideration, I did start to make some eliminations and the decision process started to get easier. Even though each bathroom layout and reno is different, and no person's preferences or desires for their bathroom are exactly the same, there are a few details that helped me in my decision making that I think could definitely be universally applied.

1.  If you're buying a new bathtub...sit in the tub! And get your significant other too as well if they'll also be using the tub. When choosing a standalone or enclosed tub, give thought to how important is to you to have somewhere to lay items like a book, candles, shampoo or a glass. There is usually little to no room for this on a standalone tub. Nice shelving or a small table nearby are easy solutions for this if a standalone tub is your preferred choice.

Once the hardwood was removed, we used a skill saw to cut a trench in the floor to determine the direction of the joists. Luckily for us they are going horizontally which will work in our favour for running the new plumbing. 

2. If choosing a rain shower head (which is quite popular and trendy at the moment) opt to get a handheld shower head as well. This will make cleaning the shower easier and is just a nice extra feature to have as you can select whether you want one or both of the shower heads on at any time. Many manufactures offer a kit with the rain head and handheld shower head which is usually the most economical option.

Another good point when considering faucets and shower heads is maintain an open mind. My first choice of shower heads and faucets would've put us way over budget. So I went back again, tried another brand and a different but similar style and our prices dropped significantly. I'm a believer that faucets are one area that you do not want to skimp on quality, however I quickly took note that there are several quality brands out there in a comfortable and reasonable price range.

The half bath in the master will eventually be added to the existing full bath in the hallway to enlarge that space. We tore out the drywall in order to add the plumbing for the shower in the new ensuite, which will be going on the other side of that wall where you currently see a door. 

3. If you have the space and you're designing a new shower from scratch, go as big as you reasonably can without compromising your budget or the rest of the space in the room. I don't think anyone will ever complain that they wish they had a smaller shower. I was a little concerned with the costs of a larger shower, but when you compare to a smaller size, and weigh the importance of a larger more comfortable shower, it was obvious that this was the way to go.

When designing a shower, check with what suppliers offer first before deciding on what size you want to go with. Most come in standard sizes and custom shower doors and bases can quickly become very expensive. If you can work with whatever is already available then that's usually the best way to go.

Well I hadn't fully intended on this being such a long and wordy post so thanks for sticking with me. 

Happy hump day and more updates on the bathroom coming soon!

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