Living Room Lull

Jun 5, 2015

I've been so pleased with the progress we've been making on the house to date. This week we started taking up the hardwood floor to start the bathroom en-suite construction and overall things are coming along nicely. However, over the past few weeks I've been having doubt and uncertainty surrounding the living room. This is basically how the room is laid out now, minus the winter greenery decor and dark throws.

There's no doubt that the room has been on a break, or a pause shall we say; receiving no attention or experiencing any activity. But now, after months of lulling, I've had the sudden urge to bring the room to life!

Although... it's not as easy as that because I'm not sure what the room needs.  Normally I can identify exactly what I need to add, remove, or change in a room to improve it to the way I envision it to be but I'm drawing one big blank when it comes to the living room.

In an effort to get the creative juices flowing, I've been scouring the internet for inspirational images. Here's a few that I like and why I like them, feel free to chime in below with your thoughts. Keep in mind that the room is a little disproportional because it's long with ample room on either side of the fireplace.

There's a bright and welcoming combination of colours in this photo and several different textures and surfaces. I really like the light colours of the rug and how the room decor all ties together. I've debated whether a new and lighter rug in our living room for the summer season would do the trick, but I'm going to try re-decorating with the current rug and some new accessories before I decide on that investment.

This room/photo is so calming to me. The wood detail on the wall is a feature I've considered before and it certainly adds to the space. I'm also fond of the bright pillows and brushed gold sconces.

There is no doubt that there is a lot happening in this photo! And although I think it's a little much for my taste, there are aspects of it that I like; the clear coffee table, the coloured lamps and the colourful pillows throughout. A glass or clear coffee table is a good choice when there's a lot of other furniture in the room and in my case, a lot of darker and heavier materials and furniture. I'm definitely leaning towards exchanging my dark wooden coffee table with a clear or glass one with sleeker lines and thinner legs.

This is another photo which just makes me feel so relaxed and cozy. Again, I think it's a combination of the great natural light and the airy and white table furnishings. The rug seems pretty heavy but it's not coming across as such. I'm thinking of maybe flanking the fireplace with white shelves (similar to above) or built-ins for extra storage and to add some more detail to that otherwise long and vacant wall.

I chose this room because although it has a dark coloured couch (like ours), the mood doesn't at all feel dark or dreary. The gallery wall is also a fun decor feature, I'm dying to add one to our home!

Another dark coloured sofa & another gallery wall! Maybe I should take a hint? Both photos also have airy coffee tables, which as I mentioned earlier, definitely helps the room flow better and feel less clustered. Light coloured pillows here also do the trick, together with the neutral striped rug.

I'm definitely not considering adding any dark paint colours to the living room but I chose this photo because of the beautiful floor to ceiling built-ins. I would love similar built-ins to our space. I also enjoy the pops of colour which make a statement but aren't too overpowering. 

As a self proclaimed lover of white, I know incorporating more colour into the living room will be a challenge for me. But after putting together this post of inspiration photos, I know that injecting  colour is definitely the direction I need to head. I hope to play around with some floor plan options over the weekend and give some more consideration to the overall layout of the room. 

Stay tuned for updates & happy friday! 

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