Living Room Updates

Jun 12, 2015

Last week I shared my frustration with our living room. It was feeling a little drab and uninspired to me and was in much need of a little sprucing. I made it my mission this week to transform the space and with some small changes, a little DIY and a trip to Home Sense, it's feeling much much better!

The first step I took to brighten up the room was rearranging the layout. We removed the cabinet we had been using as a TV stand and relocated it to the dining room (it actually suits that room better!). Then we pushed the couch back closer to that wall (there's still enough room to walk behind the couch) and turned the rug horizontally. I also decided to try repositioning my desk so my back is to the window and the desk is out in the room more. This new layout defines the "office" space more and brings all of the furniture together. In a room this size bringing furniture further into the space usually looks and feels better than having everything sit around the edge of the room.

I added seasonal summer colours through new throw pillows and a striped throw - which is actually a  towel and is a much better price than a throw!

The fireplace mantle also got a colourful makeover. Instead of photos, I used pink and green craft paper in two white frames to keep with the  colour theme. The addition of a bookcase near my desk also injected some more colour into the room through my books and some accessories.

Once we removed the cabinet that the TV had been situated on, I debated leaving the TV out of the room all together. However, if it didn't go in the living room it was going in our bedroom (NO!!), so I decided to make it work in the living room. Not wanting to purchase a new stand for the TV, we brought up the one from downstairs, and although I was hesitant at first, I really like how it looks. It's a nice, sleek and modern contrast to some of the other more traditional pieces in the room; and next to the black fireplace it doesn't stand out too much.

And a few more shots! I've been thoroughly enjoying this new space. Bright, airy & fun!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

I'll be heading to the farmer's market tomorrow and spending some more time in the garden because we finally have summer weather!

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