Weekend Project: DIY Laundry Room Updates

Jul 13, 2015

Happy Monday friends! I'm excited about today's post because a project post is waaaay overdue. This project is especially noteworthy because it was my first time tiling (I'll share details on that process later this week)! Upgrades to the laundry room have been on my agenda for a while; I bought the tile ages ago but was having trouble carving out the time to get it done. This past weekend turned out to be the perfect time - the weather was mediocre so I didn't feel bad about staying inside, and I finally had all the tools and supplies I needed to get the job done.

If you're a regular SIB reader than you'll recall that we gave the laundry room a small makeover back before Christmas. We removed excess cupboards, gave the whole space a fresh coat of paint and installed new oil-rubbed-bronze light fixtures. You can see below that this certainly made a big difference; but since the laundry room isn't hidden behind closed doors, I wanted add some more decor to amp up the style and make it feel like a finished and decorated part of the home. I posted a few inspiration photos in a previous post which you can check out here. I'm so pleased that the final look of our laundry room fully meets my design inspiration standards! 

Here's a reminder of how the laundry room looked when we purchased the house. 
The amount of yellow that was in this room still amazes me.

Here is how it looked after we made some midway upgrades a few months ago.
(oops! Still need to paint that radiator!).

And after a DIY project filled weekend,  we were able to cross every item off our laundry room to-do list which I first made back in September.
  • Paint the walls, ceiling and trim
  • Remove some of the cabinetry
  • Change both light fixtures
  • Install a shelf over the washer/dryer
  • Install new rod for hanging clothes to dry (purchased a drying rack instead)
  • Add a place to hang ironing board
  • Add tile backsplash above washer/dryer
  • Change cabinet pulls
Here's the  final result!

I'm actually excited to do laundry now! I also feel much better about the view of the laundry room from the kitchen as well. I don't mind showing off this space at all.

Here's a recap of the changes we made to add a little glam to the laundry room + a small source list:
     - Backsplash tile (from our local Paint Shop)
     - Spray paint cupboard door pulls (from stainless steel to brushed gold)
     - Add coordinating shelf (picked up at Kent, pre-finished in a lovely colour that matched the tile      
     - Install under mount lighting (Ikea plug in lighting. Similar to this.)
     - Add chalkboard wall decor and other wall art (already owned). 
     - Add hooks to hang drying rack (already owned).

Did you work on any projects this weekend? Let me know! 

And don't forget to check back on Wednesday for a run-down of the ups and downs of my first tiling experience. 

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