Fall Decor Inspiration

Sep 29, 2015

Up until now, I've been pretty hesitant about giving into Fall. Don't get me wrong, Fall is my absolute favourite season, but our summer was so short that I really wasn't ready for socks or sweaters just yet. But as the temperature has dropped and the leaves have begun falling, I'm getting giddily excited to embrace my favourite season.

Fall fashion is pretty easy to master: warm sweaters, pretty plaid scarfs, cute boots and suede hats. If you mirror all of those textures and colours into your home decor then you've also mastered decorating for fall.


This past weekend I added a few fall items throughout our living room and dining room. My go to for decor for Fall is Chapters & Home Sense but you can also DIY decor as well.

I plan on adding some more fall elements over the next few weeks (it's still too early for pumpkins in my opinion!) but here's a look at my current fall decor.

Throws are a crucial accessory as the weather gets colder. I picked up this chevron patterned fleece throw at Home Sense, it's extremely cozy.
On our sofa, the faux fur pillows I made a few years ago have replaced the bright yellow ones I had for summer.
The pink and yellow throw that was draping the sofa has been replaced with a brown and beige patterned one.
In the dining room I've added a cozy throw over one of the chairs and some green candles and pine cones for the table centrepiece.  I also picked up two of the Crackling Firewood & Ember candles (shown above), they smell absolutely amazing!
On the dining room buffet, I took this gold plated vase out from storage and filled it with faux branches I already had. The deer wine cork is whimsical and seasonal.
I decided to wrap the seat cushion for this wicker style chair in extra faux fur fabric I had on hand. Penelope has claimed this as her favourite napping place. (can you blame her?!)
This vase of branches stays around all year long but I recently relocated this table to near the door and moved the bench over by the staircase. It feels clean and new without the bench blocking the entryway, and the whole space feels brighter and larger.

There are lots of ideas for fall decor and crafts on Pinterest and Etsy too! 
What do you switch up around your home for fall?

Bathroom Reno | Part 2

Sep 20, 2015

It's been a while since I've shared a bathroom reno update with you so here goes a recap of our ongoing bathroom reno! Although it's been quite a detailed and complex project, I'm actually starting to feel like we're arriving at the final stages. In case you missed it, check out this post for Part 1 of the bathroom reno.

This entire process has been a tremendous learning experience for me and the biggest reno project we've tackled to date. From designing a custom vanity to learning how to visually distinguish the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile, to understanding constrictions based on floor and ceiling joists, I now feel much more confident and comfortable for when we tackle the second bathroom.

We've been lucky enough so far to not have come across any significant hiccups or issues. And we've been especially lucky to have such great help in so many areas.

Here are a few photos of the current state of the new ensuite:
New wall in what was previously the master bedroom. 
Base for floating vanity. There'll be an open cedar shelf underneath this for storage. 
Behind this wall is the old half bath ensuite.
The shower is located exactly where the entrance to the master bedroom was.
Entry into the bathroom.

This weekend the plasterer is starting - after that, here's a list of what we'll have left to do:
  1. Paint
  2. Connect the new ceiling fan to outside of the house
  3. Install bathroom fixtures (shower doors, toilet, vanity countertop & sinks, faucets, tub)
  4. Install crown moulding and baseboards
  5. Finalize electrical, install new light fixture above tub and sconces above vanity
  6. Decorate!
Six items...doesn't seem like a lot at all! But I'm well aware that it won't be quite as simple as the list conveys. Although, as soon as the tile was done on the floor and shower everything immediately felt like it was coming into place. 

I've been giving consideration to painting the bathroom pink. I know, it's not what you would expect. The colour I have in mind is Ecru by Benjamin Moore, it's the same colour used in this master bedroom. I don't want it to feel too feminine so I'll be mixing things up with lots of natural textures, sleek modern lines and accessories in black and brass accents. 

Well that's all for now but I'll have more updates soon. 
Have an inspiring week! 

Ragmaw Studio Reveal

Sep 13, 2015

Today I'm sharing a recent decorating experience with you: a DIY studio makeover. My dear friend Megan, the creative and brilliant talent behind Ragmaw, has opened her own studio in downtown St. John's! Together we collaborated to transform the studio from a blank and lack-luster space to the perfect place for Megan to create her beautiful designs while also providing a place for clients to view her unique, hand-crafted purses and bags. For a bit of backstory on Megan's journey to her new studio, check out her blog. For before & after photos, keep reading!

I was so honored when Megan reached out to me for some assistance with this re-decorating project. This is the first work space/studio design that I have worked on so I was actually a little hesitant to say yes, but in the end, how could I say no?!
DIY studio makeover
During our fist meeting in Megan's new studio, we set out to identify the key purposes and functions of the space. We decided her new studio had to have these main features:

  1. A designated shop space for showcasing Ragmaw's products and hosting clients.
  2. Functional and organized working space.
  3. Bright, flattering lighting in both the work space and shop area.
  4. Area for storage.
  5. A place for sales transactions and wrapping..
Next - it was time to get to work! Here's an idea of how the studio looked at our first meeting. The space would work functionally because there was ample shelves along one wall for storage, and a separate room at the front which would be perfect as the designated shop area. Megan's main concern was figuring out how to make this new space work best for her and the Ragmaw brand. The decor, display and overall atmosphere was very important.

We immediately identified a few small, but significant changes that would have a drastic effect on transforming the space. 

 - Cover the built-in storage behind curtains. (Megan actually ended up creating her own!)
 - Switch out the florescent light in the store space for track lighting or something similar.
 - Use a section of the built-in shelving for a checkout/wrapping station.
 - Add more display options in the shop space.

Megan had a few ideas of her own, including re-arranging her work space to create better flow between the studio and the shop sections; and create better product display by dismantling one of the shelving units and hanging a rod in its place. 

After about 3 weeks of sharing ideas and making changes, the new studio is complete. I'm so pleased with how the studio turned out. Megan now has a practical working environment as well as the perfect place to showcase her products to clients. Come on in and take a look! 
The creator behind Ragmaw, Megan, in her newly redecorated studio
It was so fun working with Megan on this project. I really enjoyed creating this space and sharing the before & after with you. Be sure to stop in to the studio to check out the makeover and Ragmaw's beautiful designs.

Contact Megan to set up your viewing appointment and be sure to follow her on social media!

Fireplace Screen Modern Makeover: Bye Bye Brass

Sep 4, 2015

I have a feeling that you're going to really love this super easy DIY project, especially if you're a fan of modern Scandinavian inspired style like me. If your taste is more traditional and you like fireplace brass, then I'll give you a heads up now and you can just skip this post!

You might recall that our first fireplace makeover involved painting the mantle black, more on that here. It's not that I didn't like the white mantle, I just think the black makes the fireplace surround pop and creates a stronger focal point in the room.

Even though the black was a tremendous improvement, I really wanted to do 
something about the brass. 

Enter Rustoleum Specialty High Heat :)

I was initially worried because I thought I'd have to paint the screen inside but in fact it just pops right off. So I took the screen out to the garage and used an old blanket to cover the garage floor. I opened the overhead door for ventilation and proceeded to apply 2-3 coats sparingly over the brass, keeping the can moving to avoid drips and bubbles.

It worked like a charm and I love our new fireplace. Take a look!

Happy Labour Day Weekend everyone!!
 I'll be spending this weekend working on the bathroom reno and starting to refinish the stairs. There'll be a project update post next week to fill you in on everything.
Keep safe & have fun :)