Bathroom Reno | Part 2

Sep 20, 2015

It's been a while since I've shared a bathroom reno update with you so here goes a recap of our ongoing bathroom reno! Although it's been quite a detailed and complex project, I'm actually starting to feel like we're arriving at the final stages. In case you missed it, check out this post for Part 1 of the bathroom reno.

This entire process has been a tremendous learning experience for me and the biggest reno project we've tackled to date. From designing a custom vanity to learning how to visually distinguish the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile, to understanding constrictions based on floor and ceiling joists, I now feel much more confident and comfortable for when we tackle the second bathroom.

We've been lucky enough so far to not have come across any significant hiccups or issues. And we've been especially lucky to have such great help in so many areas.

Here are a few photos of the current state of the new ensuite:
New wall in what was previously the master bedroom. 
Base for floating vanity. There'll be an open cedar shelf underneath this for storage. 
Behind this wall is the old half bath ensuite.
The shower is located exactly where the entrance to the master bedroom was.
Entry into the bathroom.

This weekend the plasterer is starting - after that, here's a list of what we'll have left to do:
  1. Paint
  2. Connect the new ceiling fan to outside of the house
  3. Install bathroom fixtures (shower doors, toilet, vanity countertop & sinks, faucets, tub)
  4. Install crown moulding and baseboards
  5. Finalize electrical, install new light fixture above tub and sconces above vanity
  6. Decorate!
Six items...doesn't seem like a lot at all! But I'm well aware that it won't be quite as simple as the list conveys. Although, as soon as the tile was done on the floor and shower everything immediately felt like it was coming into place. 

I've been giving consideration to painting the bathroom pink. I know, it's not what you would expect. The colour I have in mind is Ecru by Benjamin Moore, it's the same colour used in this master bedroom. I don't want it to feel too feminine so I'll be mixing things up with lots of natural textures, sleek modern lines and accessories in black and brass accents. 

Well that's all for now but I'll have more updates soon. 
Have an inspiring week! 

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