Fall Decor Inspiration

Sep 29, 2015

Up until now, I've been pretty hesitant about giving into Fall. Don't get me wrong, Fall is my absolute favourite season, but our summer was so short that I really wasn't ready for socks or sweaters just yet. But as the temperature has dropped and the leaves have begun falling, I'm getting giddily excited to embrace my favourite season.

Fall fashion is pretty easy to master: warm sweaters, pretty plaid scarfs, cute boots and suede hats. If you mirror all of those textures and colours into your home decor then you've also mastered decorating for fall.


This past weekend I added a few fall items throughout our living room and dining room. My go to for decor for Fall is Chapters & Home Sense but you can also DIY decor as well.

I plan on adding some more fall elements over the next few weeks (it's still too early for pumpkins in my opinion!) but here's a look at my current fall decor.

Throws are a crucial accessory as the weather gets colder. I picked up this chevron patterned fleece throw at Home Sense, it's extremely cozy.
On our sofa, the faux fur pillows I made a few years ago have replaced the bright yellow ones I had for summer.
The pink and yellow throw that was draping the sofa has been replaced with a brown and beige patterned one.
In the dining room I've added a cozy throw over one of the chairs and some green candles and pine cones for the table centrepiece.  I also picked up two of the Crackling Firewood & Ember candles (shown above), they smell absolutely amazing!
On the dining room buffet, I took this gold plated vase out from storage and filled it with faux branches I already had. The deer wine cork is whimsical and seasonal.
I decided to wrap the seat cushion for this wicker style chair in extra faux fur fabric I had on hand. Penelope has claimed this as her favourite napping place. (can you blame her?!)
This vase of branches stays around all year long but I recently relocated this table to near the door and moved the bench over by the staircase. It feels clean and new without the bench blocking the entryway, and the whole space feels brighter and larger.

There are lots of ideas for fall decor and crafts on Pinterest and Etsy too! 
What do you switch up around your home for fall?

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