Fireplace Screen Modern Makeover: Bye Bye Brass

Sep 4, 2015

I have a feeling that you're going to really love this super easy DIY project, especially if you're a fan of modern Scandinavian inspired style like me. If your taste is more traditional and you like fireplace brass, then I'll give you a heads up now and you can just skip this post!

You might recall that our first fireplace makeover involved painting the mantle black, more on that here. It's not that I didn't like the white mantle, I just think the black makes the fireplace surround pop and creates a stronger focal point in the room.

Even though the black was a tremendous improvement, I really wanted to do 
something about the brass. 

Enter Rustoleum Specialty High Heat :)

I was initially worried because I thought I'd have to paint the screen inside but in fact it just pops right off. So I took the screen out to the garage and used an old blanket to cover the garage floor. I opened the overhead door for ventilation and proceeded to apply 2-3 coats sparingly over the brass, keeping the can moving to avoid drips and bubbles.

It worked like a charm and I love our new fireplace. Take a look!

Happy Labour Day Weekend everyone!!
 I'll be spending this weekend working on the bathroom reno and starting to refinish the stairs. There'll be a project update post next week to fill you in on everything.
Keep safe & have fun :)

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