My Eclectic & Scandi Inspired Christmas Home Tour

Dec 10, 2015

It's that very special time of year again! Today I'm thrilled to be sharing my Christmas decor with you. When I started thinking about decorating for Christmas, back in October (yes that's when I officially allow myself to start planning!) I knew that I wanted less fuss and less work, yet just as much impact and purpose. I went for a less-is-more theme with some of my signature Scandinavian inspiration and some eclectic vintage pieces from my childhood.

Come on in and take a look!

This table in our entryway gets a few festive touches with Christmas scented acorns, a vintage Santa and gold based lamp.
I love garland and lights on the stairs. I opted for something a little simpler this year instead of my usual stair rail decor which is much larger with gold ribbons and accents. My favourite childhood Christmas pieces are showcased on the stairs leading to the second floor. 
The main feature! This year's color theme is black, white and silver ,with burlap ribbon and glittery bronze branches adding texture and additional color. For my tree skirt I used two faux fur rugs and strategically placed them to look like a skirt! 
I love placing the tree in front of the main window so that it's visible from the street. Last year, however, I felt the tree was slightly removed from our main sitting area and the fireplace, so this year I moved the lounge chair over next to the tree thus creating the perfect tree watching, eggnog sipping nook. (I know I'm not the only tree watcher out there!)
Faux fur pillows and faux sheepskin rugs are by far my most preferred winter/Christmas home decor additions. Add these two items to any space and you are guaranteed instant cozy appeal.
A basket meant for fire logs holds extra throw blankets while the rug in front of the fireplace creates an invitation for extra seating.
In keeping with the less-is-more theme this Christmas season, I didn't feel the need to change or add a whole lot to the existing decor of our dining room. For the dining room table, I added a vintage tablecloth with snowflake-like patterns plus loose ornaments and pine cones which add a festive feel to the centre-piece. This room is ready to host friends and family to enjoy festive foods and create happy memories :)
These bare branches showcase some traditional and quirky ornaments which didn't find a home on the main tree. 
I replaced a candle in this glass holder on the dining room buffet with vintage Christmas bulbs. A simple way to add some festive sparkle.
Last year, I received this beautiful tablecloth in a traditional Swedish print from my dear friends in Sweden. With the delays in the delivery unfortunately, I didn't receive it until January, so I'm so happy to be using it this year. "God Jul" means Merry Christmas in Swedish - I love having a piece of Sweden (where I lived for a year in 2005) displayed during the holidays.

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

I have really enjoyed not having an abundance of seasonal decor in our home this year. Using less was a much simpler and easier decorating style, while still fulfilling the festive feel, glow and sparkle of the season. I  have tubs of unused Christmas decorations in storage which I think I will now gather and donate to Goodwill. Perhaps I'll even adopt that concept as my New Year's resolution - "less is more in everyday life". This could be a challenge but I think I'm up for it!

What are your thoughts on how much decor to use for Christmas?

Everyone's style and decor differs from decorating & trees to foods and festivities. Whatever yours is, I hope you are happy and blessed this season with great memories with family and friends.

 Now that I have the decorating out of the way it's time to finish gift wrapping and Christmas baking!

Season's Greetings!