DIY Pallet Headboard Instructions

Feb 15, 2016

I have a bit of a love for DIY headboards. I designed and constructed my first headboard in 2013 using plywood which I cut to be shaped like a curve, batting, and a bright and fun floral fabric. It turned out beautiful and I loved it!

Although that first upholstered headboard served me well and was versatile (it could be completely changed simply by covering it in different fabric), I wanted to create something new for the makeover of our master bedroom. When our Ikea shipment arrived on the perfect headboard sized pallet, I immediately knew what my next headboard project would be.

The Home & Cabin Magazine Re:Make Challenge was the push I needed to finally create my dream pallet headboard. With an October 31st deadline, I got to work a month in advance to start constructing the headboard (with the help of my Uncle). Realistically this can be done in a day, ideally a weekend, however juggling schedules with my Uncle stretched out our process a little longer.

If you want to create a lovely rustic pallet headboard for you room, here are the steps I followed. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below or send me a quick e-mail and I'll be sure to respond.
How to create a DIY pallet headboard
How to build an easy pallet headboard
How to build a rustic pallet headboard
Steps to build a rustic whitewashed pallet headboard

We are loving our new headboard, the lights were a great addition, they're perfect for reading and allow for more space on my nightstand. Overall I can estimate that this project cost about $50 - not bad for a charming & rustic headboard!

Feel free to ask questions or share any comments below!