One Room Challenge | Week 3

Apr 24, 2016

As promised, here is my better-late-than-never Week 3 update for the One Room Challenge. I missed week 2 while relaxing at the beach for a week in the sunny south, and then, missed week 3 because of flight delays and layovers on the way back! As a Newfoundlander, I'm totally used to these hiccups when traveling so luckily I had some helpers lined up to start the painting for me while I was away. Despite the delays, I'm not too far behind with my progress on the room.

I shared the sunroom before pictures plus my inspiration for the space during Week 1. At that time I was planning to have a dark greyish/green accent wall, however, since we've primed the space I've been reconsidering!!  I even have the dark color paint picked up. Truthfully, I really love how bright and spacious the room currently feels. I think the dark color is going to have the opposite effect that I want for the sunroom and make it feel small and dark. So it looks like I'm going with my favorite paint color once again. Check out some of my previous room reveals for proof...white prevails!

To infuse color, vibrancy and a splash of fun, I'm going to incorporate some lively patterns and artwork. I'm planning to recover the cushions of the wicker table set, maybe in something similar to this. I like the striped look and the blue.
And for a real statement, I'm going to add large draping curtains over two of the tall windows. Again, trying to be brave in colors and patterns since I'm going with white walls - and this palm pattern immediately caught my eye.
When it's paired with the wicker furniture and tons of plants plus some brass or gold accents, I think this fabric will look extremely boho which is definitely still in line with the relaxed, laid back feel I was going for.

Be sure to check out all of the other participants and follow along on their progress. This week in prep for Week 4's post I'm going to source the fabric for the chairs and curtains and start pulling together accessories.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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