One Room Challenge | Week 4

Apr 28, 2016

Here we go week 4!! The time is seriously flying by. This weekend will definitely be crunch time for me. I've finalized most of the big decision making, so now it's time to bring everything together and tie in all of the loose ends. I'm so excited! The sunroom makeover has been a long awaited project for me and it's going to be just lovely to have this space complete.
We rolled on the final coat of paint last night so now the decorating can start. I've decided on fabric for both the chair cushions and accent curtains (see samples in the last photo!) and have also sourced a "new to me" sofa which I'll be picking up this weekend.
Here's a list of the what's left to do before the big reveal:
  1. Install curtain rods
  2. Sew & hang curtains
  3. Recover chair cushions
  4. Add oil coating to wicker set
  5. Pick up sofa
  6. Install new light fixture
  7. Add decor pieces including rug, artwork, toss cushions & plants. 
It's really such a relief and a welcome sight to see everything starting to really come together. There are so many great participants in this challenge so be sure to click on over to Calling It Home and have a look at the incredible progress that's happening.

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