My Decorating Secret & A Dining Room Refresh

May 25, 2016

It's been a while since I posted some general updates from around our home (besides, of course, the sunroom reveal for the One Room Challenge), so I thought I would share some photos showing how our dining room currently looks. I'm also going to share my decorating secret with you. I hadn't intentionally planned to reveal this trick today, but once I started explaining about the dining room updates, it just sort of came out....!

For sometime I haven't been completely satisfied with the dining room decor. To me it was feeling unfinished and uninspired, an extremely frustrating feeling! We first gave the dining room a new look back when we first bought the house, getting rid of the red walls and installing my all-time-favourite light fixture. I knew the decor needed something extra, but I wasn't completely sure what that was.

If you've been reading along on this blog you'll know that I commonly find myself in this situation. So, when I finally got focused and decided it was time to pull this room together I took to Pinterest to start curating a collection of images which inspired my vision and sparked my inspiration.

A quick glance at my Pinterest board and I'm sure you'll agree that the dining rooms I've pinned are absolutely stunning - glamorous, effortless & chic.

But the everyday reality is that my dining room makeover is not going to receive quite the sophisticated, magazine ready makeover. My trick to decorating within my own abilities and budget, is that I cheat.

Yes....I mean fake it 'til you make it.

The key is to incorporate elements of the look and feel that you so strongly desire, in a manner that works for your home & budget. 

For example, I really love white, Scandinavian inspired spaces which lean more towards modern decor than traditional. My dining room table & hutch set was passed down to me from my parents and is definitely more traditional. It's not in my budget to purchase a new set, and the traditional style does go well with the older aspects of my home. 

So, to achieve my desired look I incorporate the modern elements that work for me, including painting the walls using contrasting black and white and adding in chic decor, like the lamp and deer head.

I also like a space that is whimsical and relaxed so to downplay the formality of the dining room, I added some fun art (created by my lovely here!) and a cute bar area which is more in tune with my decor style. 

To further achieve my desired look and feel I incorporated textures through the rustic inspired antler light fixture and a faux-fur sheepskin rug.

So bottom line - you don't need a gigantic budget and all new furnishings and decor to achieve the home decor look and style that you desire.

 Just be clever and include a few cheat items to help portray the overall image of a great room that looks good to you and that you love! As always, have fun and I would love to hear from you about how you make this work in your home.

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