One Room Challenge | Week 5

May 5, 2016

Can you believe there is just one more week to go in the One Room Challenge?! I have to extend another thank you to Linda for hosting this great event. It's such a fun and inspiring experience to complete the challenge with so many talented people. And I just love having a formal deadline to keep myself on track.

As for this week, in typical me fashion, I have most of the work still left to complete. I'm not worried just yet though... I usually need a little last-minute pressure to really get myself into gear.

This weeks' exciting accomplishment was sourcing some additional vintage finds for the sunroom. I have a lovely table which I plan to use to set up my coffee station, plus I came across an old wooden bi-fold door which I'll use as a privacy screen since the sunroom is exposed to the main road in front of our house.
I actually really like the existing finish of the table. The top (as you can see below) is peeling quite a bit so I'm thinking it might be nice to sand off the paint and have the natural wood exposed. The drawer pulls will also be replaced with something a little more my style. 

I hadn't originally planned to have a coffee station but when I came across this table it seemed like the perfect use for it. Having coffee in the new made-over sunroom in the morning sounds like a lovely way to start the day.
The bi-fold door is a lovely deep stain which by chance, happens to match the wicker set! I picked up some whimsical lights to drape over the door adding a lovely touch of cozy.
Unfortunately, I didn't quite make as much progress on the room this week as I had originally planned. Based on this list from week 4, there's still A LOT to do before the big reveal. 
  1. Install curtain rods
  2. Sew & hang curtains
  3. Recover chair cushions
  4. Add oil coating to wicker set
  5. Pick up sofa
  6. Install new light fixture
  7. Add decor pieces including rug, artwork, toss cushions & plants. 
I'm off to work on this list...and to check out all of the other participant's submissions (my favourite part of thursday nights lately!). Head over to Calling it Home to take a look for yourself & be sure to check back next week for the reveal!

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